‘Who Are You’ Receives Rave Reviews in New York

Who Are You poster

The much anticipated film ‘Who Are You’ received rave reviews from Saint Lucians today after its screening at the Taipei Economic & Cultural Center in Manhattan. Its showing is part of the 38th anniversary of Saint Lucia’s independence.

The film had already been screened in Saint Lucia amid much anticipation and similar praise for its in depth historical, cultural, and ethnic content. Much of the revealing content was a surprise to many of the viewers, especially when presented with the origins of what many had been mistakenly been informed about over the years.

The history behind out ‘Creole’ and cultural activities, cuisine, art, music and many other facets of our history were set straight.

The audience comprised Saint Lucians of all ages who displayed a range of emotions as thefilm progressed. From surprise to laughter, and maybe even shedding a tear upon hearing about our cultural music being played by a local band in Seattle, Washington.

Anyway, enough of me spoiling it for you. There is a second screening tomorrow, Sunday February 12, 2017 at the Taipei Economic & Cultural Center at #1 East 42nd Street between 5th Avenue and Madison Avenue.




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