UPDATE: Ciceron Woman Stabbed to Death on her Birthday Was in Back and Forth Relationship


The woman stabbed to death shortly after noon today at Ciceron has been identified as 31 year-old Sophia Edwards.

According to reports she received a text message earlier today wishing her a happy birthday. This apparently enraged the father of her two young children with whom she had a tumultuous relationship spanning multiple years.

It is also reported that Sophia, who had gone into her room was suddenly attacked by the angry father of her children as she lay in bed, stabbing her multiple times in the neck and throat. He then fled as the woman’s screams brought neighbors to the house

She was transported to Victoria Hospital where she died.





  1. Lord give a helping hand. Our people need to learn tolerance and how to treat their women right… this is so sad and pathetic at the same time. Losing your life over a text. What has life become to some now? Prayers for our nation.


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