Soufriere Police Say They Can’t Work Because of Mold at Station

Soufriere Police Station

Police officers stationed in Soufriere have today decided they can no longer continue working under the conditions which have exist at the Soufriere Police Station.

According to President of the Police Welfare Association, Camron Laure, the bulding is infested with mold, leaks, particles fall from the walls while officers are in the barrack room

The final straw occurred on Monday February 6, 2017 when a female police officer had to be transported to the hospital because she had respiratory ailments because of the conditions there – another police officer has been diagnosed with pneumonia. The members stationed there have now refused to work  at the station until better conditions are provided.

The sleeping quarters were supposed to be moved last week but never happened and the Police Welfare Associationpresident says he does not know why the move did not occur. He went further to say that Minister of National Security, Hermangild Francis, had visited the Soufriere Police Station seven months ago and acknowledged the relocation of personnel was necessary and ordered that a suitable location be found.

Cameron Laure went on to say that recently it was finally agreed to relocate the sleeping quarters to a building in close proximity to the police station, however, retrofitting of that space is still pending. The association president said he is also waiting for word from the Acting Commissioner of Police on plans to fins a favourable location where they can function adequately.

He went on to say that the Police Welfare Association continues to remain concerned about the welfare of its members.

Cannot and will not work


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