Sir Dwight Venner Laid to Rest

Altar at Basilica of the Immaculate Conception

To a send-off fit for any statesman, Sir Dwight Venner’s funeral parade made its way through the streets of Castries to the Basilica of the Immaculate Conception. Prime ministers, government ministers, foreign dignitaries, friends, family, and ordinary citizens filled the pews to pay homage to a man whose life affected each and every one of them.

For his years as governor of the ECCB (Eastern Caribbean Central Bank), Sir Dwight’s policies, guidance, and fiscal measures maintained a resilient hold on our Eastern Caribbean currency.

From the hallowed halls of the University of the West Indies to the boardrooms of the most prestigious and revered financial institutions in the world, Sir Dwight Venner proved to be a man of immense knowledge and savvy in the field of finance and economics.

His publications are evidence of his deep understanding and expertise in these fields and remain for the guidance of others, for generations to come.

Prime Ministers Allen Chastanet and Ralph Gonsalves, family, and friends, all had glowing eulogies and memories of Sir Dwight through the years.

The funeral service lasted a little longer than three and a half hours, and the cortege then made it’s way to Choc cemetery for the interment.



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