Siphoning Of Funds A Major Concern To National Workers Union


The National Workers Union (NWU) is displeased with information reaching the organization that suggests that some security service companies on the island continue to siphon huge chunks of their contractual financial earnings from Saint Lucia to overseas headquarters.

Some of the security service companies on island do not employ Saint Lucians who could form part of their administrative and accounting operations. Instead all these functions are handled by overseas labour. From the NWU’s experience some local managers at the forefront of these companies do not have authority to handle any matter that involves finance.

When workers are short paid, a long time elapses before any rectification occurs. When workers experience any service accident on the job and require hospitalization and payment up front, endless problems surface.

The NWU will not stand by idly and allow Saint Lucian workers to be abused without getting involved. The time has come for Government to move and slap a $300,000.00 operational license on some of these companies. A $100,000.00 bond should also be applicable as a retainer for a four (4) year period.


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