SDA Pastor and Another Man Arrested for Indecent Assault


According to information reaching ONELUCIAN News a well known SDA pastor and another man have been arrested by police for indecent assault.

The pastor involved is a well known professional outside the church and was arrested yesterday in what has been described as a very saucy and raunchy affair.

More information as it becomes available.



  1. To call it raunchy and saucy, may seem like fun. But to those that have been indecently assaulted, it couldn’t be further from the truth! Words should be used carefully when talking about crimes like this.

  2. Minister ubaldus raymond had all his dingaling out in photos with a college intern and nothing happened except a charge against the victim for blackmail but grownups all above 30yrs having an affair and it makes news because some phycho grown a*s mother of 2 is very proud to destroy her husband by reporting she slept with two men. Indecent sexual connection ….is that even a F@#*ING charge? Or is it a charge becuz the church is involved?



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