Sarah Peter Tackles Domestic Violence and Rape

Sarah Peter - Journalist and Activist

TV Producer and United Nations Journalist Fellow ( 2012), Sarah Peter   is calling on members of  the public to  help #settheagender. The initiative which is the brain child of the Journalist and Human Rights Advocate is aimed at  encouraging  more discussion on domestic violence and rape  against women on the island and  in the Caribbean region. The #settheagender  is a social media campaign which encourages persons to  #settheagender  on social media and add their voice on how persons can help to deter these crimes against  women and advance more  women into leadership positions.

The initiative also comes in the wake of  the brutal murder of a thirty-one year old woman who was murdered by her common law husband and amid an unprecedented number of reported rape cases on the island. Peter contends that more discussion and pressure from members of the society  is needed to  trigger more  action from policy makers to  address the matter.

The  #settheagender  initiative ( Advancing Gender Equity /Nourishing Development and Empowering a Resolution )  also consists of a television program  which will be aired on Wednesday March 8th on  International Women’s Day on Calabash TV at 8:00 pm and on NTN at 9pm . The show will also be aired  on Sunday March 12th on  Flow in the Caribbean region  at  8pm and Carib Vision at  9pm . The TV show OFFLIMITS – The AGender Edition  includes an  interview with former  Jamaican Minister of Youth  Lisa Hannah as well as  St.Lucian Government Minister of Gender Affairs, Gail Rigobert.  The show  dives  into some of the  main barriers of political leadership for women while also  highlighting  some of the achievements of women in the workplace.

To find out more about the project you could follow Sarah Peter on  Twitter  @SarahPeter3 and on facebook at

Help SetTheAgender, add your voice to the debate  #settheagender


  1. Lucia has a sex pandemic,even little 6 ,7 year olds involved boys and girls . There is even a video out of little boys having sex with one another SMH what the hell is going on in st.lucia We NEED HELP FAST.

  2. Women in st lucia need to have better self respect for themselves. Their self esteem is very low too. They need to stop sleeping with married men , abusers and old raises. They go after men with money and vehicles. It’s a shame how they act. I’m Lucian but live abroad and I’m very disappointed in the way some of the women act down there


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