Saint Lucian Community Outraged in New York

Magdalene Charles

Magdalene Charles is a 50 year old woman originally from Labayee in Castries. She resides in Brooklyn, NY and has been employed as a housekeeper for the past 9 years. She is a law abiding citizen and has worked all her years in New York as an elderly caregiver and housekeeper.

On Friday December 30, 2016 Magdalene received a call from a friend informing her about a troubling post which she saw on Facebook with her picture. Much to her horror Magdalene  soon realized that someone had copied a picture from her Facebook profile and attached it to the text which a parent had posted on a Yahoo group about a nanny who had been fired.

It must be noted that Magdalene Charles is also known more commonly by her nickname of Beverly since she was a child. It is evident that someone maliciously used her nickname and without any conclusive information affixed her Facebook photo to the Yahoo post and commenced circulating it on Whatsapp throughout the St. Lucian and West Indian community in New York. In fact, additional content was included in this Whatsapp post further smearing the name and character of Magdalene Charles.

The original post on Yahoo was made by Joanna Glassman who is unknown to Magdalene. Attempts to reach out to Joanna Glassman via the email address associated with the Yahoo post have been futile.

In a telephone conversation with Madgadele, ONELUCIAN News was told that she was paranoid that this false online story would affect her current job. She further said, “I have never worked as a nanny and have never been in any problems with the law. My whole life has been quiet and without drama. I don’t know what to do now that so many people have seen my picture and I am afraid that this will affect me in the future.”

This story has spread like wildfire, even reaching Magdalene’s family in Saint Lucia via Whatsapp.

Meanwhile a report has been made to the authorities and an investigation is currently ongoing.



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