Robbery Suspect – Arrested, Escaped, Recaptured


A man taken into custody by Babonneau police soon after 1 AM  Sunday morning for an attempted robbery in that area, was reported to have disappeared from Victoria Hospital soon after.

According to reports the masked gunman fired a round of ammunition upon making his entrance into a shop in Girard Cacoa and then ordering the persons there to “pass it.” Unfortunately he was overpowered by the owner and patrons resulting in him suffering multiple injuries in the scuffle which ensued.

Photos circulating on social media show a badly beaten and bleeding male wearing a mask laying on the ground and naked.

Police reports indicated that he was taken to Victoria Hospital for medical attention and was under arrest while there. Much to the surprise and outrage of news listeners yesterday it was revealed that the alleged robber was attended to for his injuries and eventually was discharged.

Numerous calls have been made for an explanation of the circumstances which led this individual to somehow leave the hospital while supposedly being under arrest.

On Radio Caribbean news this afternoon it was reported that no explanation was forthcoming from Victoria Hospital administration and there was no information coming from the police either. It was further reported that Victoria Hospital’s only statement was that it was “a police matter” and that all inquiries should be directed to them.

It has now been reported that the robber has been recaptured by police and the car involved in the robbery has been impounded. Police are also on the look out for two accomplices.

No explanation has yet been given of the circumstances which allowed the robbery suspect to evade police custody.


  1. Wow,
    Now you understand why these guys are so emboldened th do the things they do. This seem to be the the same group that has terrorised that area for some time now.


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