Ricky T strikes again with Freaky Girls music video

Ricky T

Stepping up his game year after year, Ricky T unleashed his “Freaky Girls” music video in late September. Teaming up with Stratosphere Muzic and Eempey Slicker, the Tizzle is sizzling in this new production filmed on location in Brooklyn, NY.

After coming away as one of the most memorable tunes for Miami Carnival, and rocking clubs and Soca events across the globe, Ricky T has laid down the rules in the industry this year.

Don’t let his small frame mislead you, Ricky T is a giant in Saint Lucia and the Caribbean and all must pay homage when in the presence of this outstanding artiste. With a unique voice and musical style he continues to catch the naysayers off guard as he continues to reinvent himself. From a timid, almost virgin performer, Ricky T has found his feet and sends crowds from Saint Lucia, the Caribbean, New York, Toronto, and elsewhere, into a frenzy.

Freaky Girls, with it’s infectious rhythm and catchy repetitive lyrics has crossed over from Soca to mainstream markets – in essence bringing out all the freaky girls. And wherever the girls go, all else follow.

Boasting an impressive and enviable career to date, Ricky T has 17 titles under his belt:

  • 7 times Road March
  • 5 times Soca Monarch
  • 3 times Caribbean Soca Monarch
  • 2 times Groovy Soca Monarch

This video is his latest release of Freaky Girls. The second video is a live in-studio interview on WEFM 96.1 FM in early December on ‘The Madder Drive’ show, with Shal, Goofy and Ding Dong where Ricky T gives the breakdown of Freaky Girls.



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