Rantings of a Political Madman

Tennyson Joseph

Seldom do madmen admit their discombobulated state of mind, far less accept criticism of their flawed and vociferous rantings. In what can only be described as living in an alternate reality, many of these Lala Land inhabitants actually believe their wild and implausible utterances, and deem those who do not subscribe to these wild assertions as, ironically, mad.

And although we have come to expect that Mother Nature will select a few among us to be afflicted by such an unfortunate demise as madness, that malaise is even further complicated when it goes hand in hand with politics.

Two weekends ago St. Lucia was exposed, once again, to the unbridled bellicose babbling of a well known loudmouth. Unfortunately, LIAT’s piss-poor and unenviable reputation of being chronically late or canceling a flight for the most obscure reason were not enough to keep Dr. Tennyson Joseph away.

Gracing the SLP’s 2018 open session conference of delegates, it would be expected that speakers at such an event would fire up the attendees with motivational speeches and highlight the history and objectives of the party.

Instead, the misinformation and propaganda spewed by the cacophonous boog gwen seemed more like the content to be expected at a mass hypnosis rather than a business-like address and a meaningful political assembly. If this was the keynote speaker at the SLP’s 68th. such annual meeting, then they are doomed for the foreseeable future and destined to remain out of government for a very long time.

In his unashamed frothing at the mouth address Dr. Tennyson Joseph had the gall to spew the following:

“But comrades, despite our great history, and our unmatched contribution to development, we find ourselves in opposition once again. Despite all the evidence of our ability to govern, despite all the proof of our genuine commitment to St. Lucia’s development; despite the fact that we have consistently produced the best and most able leaders of St. Lucia. And despite the fact that we have always striven to maintain a record of uprightness and propriety in government, we find ourselves arrayed against class and social forces which consistently succeed in mobilizing enough public opinion against us, to deny us our rightful place as the government of St. Lucia.”

Maybe a refresher on NCA, Rochamel, Frenwell, Grynberg, Juffali, St. Jude, Cost overruns, and other unsavoury escapades will jar his frazzled mind back to reality.

As if that were not enough, and in an apparent attempt to outdo himself, the one-time wannabe politician went further down the coco sec path of lunacy:

“We find ourselves in a situation where the best and most prepared group of men and women have been put out of office in exchange for the worst and least prepared group of men for public office since independence. We have lived to witness the best prime minister so far, Kenny D. Anthony, being cast aside for an unknown quantity – a jab-en-sac, a political misfit, a give-me-a-try prime minister, someone socially and culturally alien to the soul of the people of St. Lucia. An opportunistic pretender, a tete flo Allen Chastanet.”

As a former attache’ to the prime minister of St. Lucia and a lecturer in Political Science at the University of the West Indies, Cave Hill campus, it should not be farfetched for the babbling loudmouth to grasp the concept of the democratic process; in fact he participated as an SLP candidate for Choiseul during the 2006 elections in St. Lucia.  But you see democracy only works when it produces the results which the doc and his comrades desire. 

It seems governance of St. Lucia is owed or promised only to the SLP.

By the way, the good ole doc was trounced at the 2006 polls at the hands of Rufus Bousquet of the UWP. Thank God for small mercies.

Nonetheless, Tennyson Joseph’s coco sec speeches should come as no surprise anymore. Sadly, in an interview with Timothy Poleon last year he insisted that non academics were ill equipped and therefore unable to understand his thinking and reasoning.

Perhaps the tone should be one of sympathy for Tennyson Joseph since those two excerpts are evidence enough that he is clearly unaware of the recent past in St. Lucian politics, or is being deliberately economical with the truth.

Oh, to long for the good old days of electric shock therapy. Where’s Dr. Rigsby when you need him.

But since it’s Jounen Kweyol a good lolo bef would definitely be in order. Lets chalk one up for our culture.


  1. Wow! I am commenting here on the writing. Whoever wrote that peice is a very good writer. I was in awe reading it. Did I miss the name of the author.

    Comenting only on the writing style not the content

  2. I was at that conference and it is my opinion that Dr Tennyson delivered a message of hope that soon we will be freed from the callousness that passes for good governance here. Maybe many did not understand it as it was well crafted with satire and colloquial slang but it was inspiring and hopeful. Way to go Tennyson. I think that this writer made a very good point that Tennyson got defeated at the poles in 2006 and then he continued to be!!! True manship



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