Police Officer Killed, Another Wounded in Ambush


Gunshots rang out in the Bocage area last night about 11:30 PM in what residents describe as “nothing I have ever heard before.”

According to informed sources two police officers were providing escort services for the owner of a well known eating establishment in the city of Castries to their residence at Bocage. As the vehicle arrived at the premises, a person or persons emerged from the darkness and opened fire on the vehicle.

The area is just off the main Bocage Road and heavily covered in trees and bushes, and at that time of the night very dark.

The home of Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre is 186 metres, as the crow flies, from the location of the shooting and 250 metres via the road.

PC 863 Nathan Timaitre

Police constable 863 Nathan Timaitre was killed at the scene and the second officer is reported in serious condition after being rushed to the OKEU hospital. Both officers are reported to have been shot multiple times.

Officers from multiple stations and departments blanketed the area in response to the shooting.

“Another resident in the area said, “It sounded like a machine gun. I heard so many bullets like I never heard before.”

A woman at the scene could be heard screaming, “He was my favourite nephew. Why did they kill him, what is happening in this country?”

Last night’s incident is the first killing of a police officer in the line of duty since the death of Corporal 454 Vincent Trevor Peter in a similar ambush at the Castries Waterfront on the night of February 19, 2010. Could this latest killing of a police officer cause procedures for police escort duties to be brought under review?

A major police investigation is underway.


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