Pilots Give LIAT Until Midnight on May 24 To Settle Wages


In a strongly worded message to its membership today, the Leeward Island Airline Pilots Association (LIALPA) has given their employer LIAT an ultimatum for payments of outstanding wages to all of its members.

Mincing no words, President of LIALPA, Carl Burke wrote, “In the event that LIAT fails to pay pilot salaries by mid-night of May 24, 2017, the Executive Council will be executing a mandate received from the floor by directing protest action by all permanent pilots or full members of LIALPA.”

The memo goes further to state, “All pilots are to report to work as normal, DO sign in to work, do not sign off on any flight documents, do not board any LIAT aircraft and take flight.”

With less than two days before LIAT pilots take action against non-payment of wages, passengers in the region can only hope for the best even while expecting the worst, taking into account LIAT’s history of financial, employee, and equipment woes.

No official statements have been made by LIAT management since the release of a press statement from LIALPA yesterday threatening action.

With the limited service which already causes much frustration to passengers in the region, any action taking LIAT flights out of service can only result in chaos in the region’s airports as customers will predictably become stranded.

Memo to LIALPA membership below.

Memo – Presidents Memo 23 May 2017


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