National Workers Union To Represent 150 C.C.C. Workers

Castries City Council

In a press release today, the National Workers Union has agreed to represent over one hundred and fifty (150) workers employed with the Castries Constituency Council.

This acceptance came as a result of a request to the Labour Commissioner by Council workers. The NWU has managed the transition with very little industrial haemorrhage, bearing in mind that the employees had membership in another organization, the Seamen, Waterfront, and General Workers Union..

The National Workers Union has since alerted the Department of Labour of this development and is in the process of seeking an audience with  the Mayor of Castries, Mr. Peterson Francis.  The NWU is already the bargaining agent for a number of Constituency Councils around the island.

It is expected that the decertification polling process from the Seamen, Waterfront, and General Workers Union will proceed in January 2017, paving the way for a smooth transition to the National Workers Union.

According to President General of the NWU, Tyrone Maynard, the current request to the Department of Labour is said to have taken only two weeks, and has been a procedural process.



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