National Workers Union Comments on DSH Project for the South


The National Workers Union (NWU) is pleased with the engagement of groups, stakeholders and other concerned interests on the proposed two billion DSH investment project for the southern part of the country.

The NWU is also firm in its opinion that a certain level of democracy is still alive in Saint Lucia which has provided political parties the opportunity to share with the country their areas of deep concern on the said DSH project.

The time has come for serious decision making. We should now put in a national package all the said contributions on the project, get it right and move on with the project. We cannot ignore the fact that unemployment is still at a high level in the country and the southern part of the island is of great concern in that respect.

We must now work towards stability and job creation.  We cannot, at this time in the history of our economic development turn away would be investors to our shores.


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