Four People Shot in Coolie Town Including a Police Officer


Reports of multiple people shot in Coolie Town tonight have just come in. According to informed sources four persons have been shot under unconfirmed circumstances about 8:45 PM.

Multiple unconfirmed number of fatalities at this time. One of the victims is reported to be a police officer.

Video and photos have begun surfacing on social media showing at least one woman laying on the ground with multiple gunshot woulds. People could also be heard screaming in the video.

Coolie Town is in the Anse-la-Raye/Canaries constituency in the first gap heading to Anse-la-Raye from Marigot.

Standby for more information as it develops in this fast moving situation.

9:40 PM Update:

Reports are that four persons were shot, three women and one male who is a police officer. Sources close to the scene say the police officer was shot in the groin.

Further information is that the shooters approached the area on a motorcycle.

9:43 PM Update:

Three of the victims who are women are now reported as dead.

Multiple police units including the SSU are now on the scene.

Standby for more information as it becomes available.

9:55 PM Update:

Multiple reports are that residents heard what sounded like machine gun fire at the scene.


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