Multi Car Pileup Snarls Morning Traffic for Miles

Multi Car Pileup near Gablewoods Mall

A multi car pileup earlier this morning has snarled rush hour traffic for miles in both directions.

The snarl which occurred in the northbound lane of the Castries Gros Islet Highway just under the pedestrian bridge and across from the Gablewoods Mall made it almost impossible for any traffic to continue northward.

Daring drivers drove up on the shoulder sidewalk in a desperate attempt to clear the area and make it to work on time. Unfortunately low clearance vehicles were unable to straddle the sidewalk and were stuck, further complicating the situation.

Frustrated drivers could be seen for miles as the line of traffic stretched as far as the Sans Souci bridge and also into Vide Bouteille and Calvary Road overflowing onto the Chaussee’.

The four lane roadway which is separated by a concrete median has been the location of many accidents since its construction, and has gained the ire of motorists who complain that the lanes are too narrow.

Police accident paint can be seen along the entire length of this roadway, from the Vigie/La Clery roundabout to the Choc roundabout.

Multi Car Pileup near Gablewoods Mall snarls traffic for miles


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