Mayor’s Office Observes 69th. Anniversary of 1948 Castries Fire


On Tuesday June 20, 2017 a ceremony was held at the office of the mayor of Castries, to commemorate the 69th. anniversary of the 1948 fire which devastated the city. The fire raged from the 19 – 20 June 1948.

In attendance were the Castries Constituency Council staff, Historian – Gregor Williams, National Archivist – Margot Thomas, other invited guests, members of the public, and the press corp.

After prayers and a short introduction by Mayor Peterson Francis, historian Gregor Williams gave an account of his memories of what transpired on that night. Although he was hesitant to inform the crowd gathered of his exact age  at that time (for what he feared would reveal his real current age) it was not too difficult to easily calculate his years after he slipped up and said he was ten at the time.

The mayor highlighted other significant fires which had devastated the city in 1796, 1813, 1927, 1951, 1959, and 1960.

Excerpt from ceremony follows below with addresses by Mayor Peterson Francis, Historian  Gregor Williams and Archivist Margot Williams.



Historian Gregor Williams address attendees at 69th. anniversary of 1948 Castries fire


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