Mayor Says Laws Against Public Urinating to be Enforced

Sign on Castries Market

For decades the city of Castries has been referred to as being smelly from the acrid smell of urine wantonly discharged, without fear, any and everywhere. The Castries Market, CDC area, and many bus stands have become areas where human fountains have become a shameless part of the landscape.

Almost resembling the training grounds for an Olympic sport, the male athletes will quickly pull up to a wall or corner of a building and whip the goods out, release a high powered stream, and then with two shakes and a break tuck it back in and speed off like nothing happened. Their female counterparts are no exception to this common practice, albeit with a little different style – a furtive glance over the shoulder, drop it like it’s hot, and then a quick escape.

According to the press and communications manager in the mayor’s office, Jason Hullingseed, “The enforcement of the Litter Act Chapter 6.05, Sections 3.1 and 3.2, and the Criminal Code, Chapter 3.01 Sections 481.1 and 491.1 will be strictly enforced. These offences can cause an offender to be either ticketed or arrested with fines ranging from $150 – $1500.”

Also being looked at is the option of amending the Regulations to include community service as a penalty for urinating, defecating, and spitting in public. This will have the offenders cleaning the very areas which they, and others, have used as public urinals.

The CCC is also set to observe its 50th anniversary in March, and a list of activities will be announced. The building will also be remodeled.

There are reportedly six publicly available toilets in the city of Castries:

1.) Castries Market
2.) Vendors’ Arcade
3.) Soufriere Bus Stand
4.) High Street/Behind CCC
5.) Lower Jeremie Street near Customs
6.) Vieux Fort Bus stand /Hospital Road


  1. Great job. Long time they needed to do this. The mayor office was just there like a majee. Mayor Francis you have revived that place from a party hack cool out spot to what it is supposed to be. I like what you are doing. Keep it up Peterson.


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