Mayor Peterson Francis Addresses New Batch of City Police Recruits

Mayor Peterson Francis

This morning His Lordship, Mayor Peterson Francis addressed the latest batch of 23 City Police recruits (hired in December) as they began their initial training at the La Toc Police Training School. In attendance were the Acting Commissioner of Police Milton Desir and other gaxetted officers of the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force, CEO of the Castries Constituency Council, Anselma Calderon, Councillors of the CCC, and other invited guests.

The new officers will undergo training in police subjects, firearms skills, self defense, psychology, and law.

Interviews are currently underway for the next wave of recruits which will total 45.

Here is the mayor’s address:-

“Good Morning and welcome.

I wish to start with two very important words that are seldom used nowadays….Thank you!

Thank you, for accepting the challenge to protect, serve and give back to our community.

Thank you, for being the first batch of recruits of the revamped City Police.

Thank you, for the role you all have played, I maintaining order in our city and for protecting visitors and residents.

Thank you, for your efforts and commitment.

You see, it is not often we hear those gracious words, of gratitude expressed. But it is important that I start on this note because yours is a call to service, a call of sacrifice a call to make a significant contribution to the social and economic fabric of our city and our country by extension.

The weeks ahead will test your mettle, your physical and psychological strength. Over the period of training there will be times when you will question whether this is your true calling. But there is value in that kind of introspection, because it is out of that process that you will come to appreciate your call to service and the demands of the task at hand.

I want to implore you to make the most of this opportunity. There are many young people out there who envy your position. This city, our country is depending on you.

I wish to thank the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force for partnering with my office, the Mayor’s Office and the Castries Constituency Council to prepare a cadre of professionally trained city police officers. Our collaboration is testimony to what is possible when agencies come together to fulfill a common vision and to complement one another in fulfilling a greater mandate … in this case, that of maintaining law and order and engendering a sense of safety for visitors and citizens alike.

Yours is no easy task, as regrettably some bad habits have taken root in our society and now you are being called upon to uproot these bad habits and to inculcate new ones that are beneficial to our society.

Thanks for sharing the vision of the Castries Constituency Council. Thank you for committing to fulfilling our desire to raise the profile of our city, to maintaining the aesthetics of our city but most importantly to keeping our city streets safe.

Allow me to thank the MPs in the Castries basin for endorsing this initiative and we anticipate that as we endeavour to strengthen the local government structure they will see greater collaboration among sister agencies, which ultimately will redound to the benefit of our citizenry.

Again thank you for your involvement, your partnership, and your commitment.

I anticipate great things from you the trainees. I know you will not let this city down.

Good luck.

I thank you.”


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