Man Shot Dead by Police at Marigot

Police Shooting

According to sources, Yves René alias Nazarene of Fond Mangé, Marigot was shot  by police about 11 AM today. He was transported to Victoria Hospital where he was pronounced dead about 11:52 AM.

Unofficial reports are that he was shot at least once in the head. Circumstances surrounding the shooting have not been confirmed but a large angry crowd was in the vicinity of the cordoned off area which was under police guard. At least three marked police vehicles were also on the scene and police officers in plain clothes and camouflage uniform were on guard.

Unfortunately there has been no official police statement more than five hours after this shooting. In the wake of the negative public relations facing the RSLPF so soon after Operation Restore Confidence and IMPACS it is unbelievable that a police shooting is allowed to go unexplained, rife with rumour, for so long without any official word.

More information as it becomes available.



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