Man Attacked with Cutlass While on Victoria Hospital Bed


Last night, Saturday March 4, 2017 about 8:00 PM, it was like a scene out of a movie at Victoria Hospital – so say persons who witnessed the wild scene which played out before their very eyes.

According to sources, a cutlass altercation had occurred between two men at Marc earlier and both sustained injuries. The two men were transported to Victoria Hospital and were being attended to by medical personnel in the Casualty/Emergency department.

About 8:00 PM one of the wounded men was being attended to by a doctor when a man entered the area with a cutlass hidden under his shirt and began slashing the patient on the bed. Jumping off the bed and running for his life a pursuit ensued with the cutlass wielding assailant chasing the patient who ran to the security hut for protection.

The doctor, nurses, and other persons in the Casualty department ran for their lives screaming through the hallway and out the two doors exiting that area.

The armed security guard drew his weapon and ordered the cutlass wielding man to drop it. He refused and continued advancing when he was then confronted by another man who was armed with a stun gun, according to individuals.

Hospital personnel quickly called the police who arrived on the scene and arrested the cutlass assailant, another man who aided him, and the driver of the vehicle which transported them to Victoria Hospital.

The man who was armed with the cutlass is said to be brother to one of the original two wounded in the Marc incident.

Victoria Hospital has two security services on the premises, Secure St. Lucia (armed) and the hospital’s in-house security which is unarmed.

Police are investigating.



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