Man at Center of Robbery Incident at Babonneau Charged


The man who was disarmed and apprehended by patrons at a shop in Girard Cacoa, Babonneau in the early hours of Sunday morning has been charged.

Reynolds Alfred, 25, of Carellie, Castries has been charged for robbery. He is a chef by profession. He is currently being escorted to the First District Court where bail will be set by a magistrate.

According to reports about the Sunday robbery, Alfred entered a shop some time after midnight with a firearm and demanded that the patrons “pass it” (a St. Lucian expression meaning to pass over your valuables and money). Somehow he was overpowered and beaten in the ensuing struggle.

Police from the Babonneau Police Station responded and took him into custody. Although he was then taken to Victoria Hospital for medical attention it was discovered that Reynolds Alfred subsequently left the premises while supposedly under police guard.

A police investigation into the circumstances surrounding that incident is currently ongoing.



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