LIAT Passengers in Limbo in Barbados


LIAT flight LI-768 bound for Saint Lucia was scheduled to depart Barbados this evening at 6:35 PM. After checking-in, security checks, and boarding the passengers were informed that they would have to exit the aircraft as the flight would not be able to leave because of operational issues.

All passengers deplaned and are currently in the departure area awaiting further information which they were promised to receive at 8 PM. Meanwhile passengers on other LIAT flights are also being informed that all LIAT flights out of Barbados are currently grounded.

According to informed sources in Barbados the problem is as a result of aircraft engineers who have refused to work because of wage issues. As a result no engineer is available to sign off on LIAT flights out of Barbados. Other information reaching ONELUCIAN News is that an engineer from Antigua will arrive in Barbados at 9 PM, at the earliest.

LIAT continues to be plagued with operational and financial issues. Numerous attempts have been made to meet financial and other obligations throughout the years, however the airline’s problems continue.

UPDATE: 8:05 PM – Announcement just made that the flight to Saint Lucia is now scheduled to leave at 9:45 PM.

UPDATE: 10:00 PM – LI-768 finally airborne at 9:55 PM estimating Vigie at 10:37


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