In Wake of Hurricane Maria Fake Photos Flood Social Media

Photo of damage in aftermath of Hurricane David in 1979

In the wake of Hurricane Maria and its devastation of Dominica overnight, a number of fake photos have begun circulating on social media, particularly Whatsapp.

For some bizarre reason someone decided to post pictures of devastation, supposedly of destroyed houses in Dominica. In one such photo, apparently taken from the air, numerous houses can be seen totally destroyed with most of them missing their roof.

Although this is an authentic photo of hurricane damage in Dominica, it was actually taken in the aftermath of Hurricane David which affected the island in 1979! (See photo above)

Another photo shows a red car on rocks in the ocean suggesting some vehicle tragedy over a cliff – it is another fake and totally unrelated to Hurricane Maria. In fact that photo was actually taken in 2015.

What drives persons to anonymously post such fake information boggles the mind. If only there was some prize or compensation for such a callous act. Could it be some useless troll who wants to feel important or relishes the idea of people being horrified?

One thing is certain, the Internet is littered with people who have nothing better to do but capitalize on the misery of others.

Please be sensible and refrain from mindlessly re-posting photos and information from unofficial or unconfirmed sources!



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