Hon. Gale Rigobert Speaks at University of the West Indies

Hon. Gale Rigobert

The Hon. Gale Rigobert this morning gave the feature address at the St. Augustin Campus of the University of the West Indies in Trinidad. It followed a book launch by Khellon Qwacy Roach and Raymond Mark Kirton entitledĀ A History of the Institute of International Relations: 50 Years and Beyond 1966-2016, commemorating the 50th. anniversary of the Institute of International Relations there.

Here is an excerpt from her address as she spoke to Saint Lucian students. The audio recording follows.

“No government in any part of the world can give its citizenry the assurance that it has exclusive right to a job in the country in which they are born. No government can do that anymore. And what does that mean? It means that as a global village, that if, and, or when an opportunity becomes available, it is not your birth certificate that will give you right of access to that opportunity.

In our own jurisdiction, citizens of the OECS and citizens of CARICOM may have equal right of access to that opportunity. The pressure that is upon us therefore to up our came is two-fold. We need to up our game because we need to remain competitive and relevant in our own jurisdiction but also it is necessary that we up our game because of the fact that we find ourselves in a global marketplace and with other persons from outside the rock may very well be eligible to play a significant role in the development of our country.”


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