Homicide at Bois Patat, Castries

Bois Patate shooting victim

In another incident following on the heels of Bloody Sunday another homicide has been reported in the Bois Patat area of Castries.

About 11 AM this morning police responded to reports of shots fired in that area. On arrival at the scene Urias Anthony was found shot multiple times in the head.

Reports are that Anthony was originally from Jacmel and moved to the Bois Patat area sometime last year.

This raises question about the shooting incident which occurred in Jacmel yesterday afternoon where three men were shot dead.

Police are on the scene as investigations continue.

Meanwhile no statement has been made by the police authorities regarding the police shooting and death of Yves Rene at Marigot yesterday. His post mortem was scheduled to be performed today.

Neither has any official statement been made about the triple homicide at Jacmel yesterday afternoon. The post mortems for these three victims has been scheduled for Tuesday January 10, 2017.


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