High Powered Weapon Recovered By Police at Hill 20

MAC-11 - Similar weapon to one recovered by police

In the aftermath of the much publicized robbery attempt at a shop in Girard Cacoa, Babonneau, police last night conducted a number of patrols in the Hill 20 area. This comes as their efforts continue to apprehend the accomplices of the man at the center of the incident about 1 AM Sunday morning.

According to informed sources police approached at least two suspicious looking men in the Hill 20 area late last night. Immediately the men began running away, and while doing so discharged a number of rounds at the police. The police gave chase and observed one of the men discard an object in the bushes. Upon investigation the officers found a high powered automatic firearm similar to a MAC-11.The magazine is capable of holding 20-30 rounds of ammunition.

It is not clear whether the police returned fire.

Police have beefed up their patrols in the Babonneau area in the wake of these and other crimes.

The Babonneau Police Station was officially opened on July 22, 2013.



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