Government Minister Ubaldus Raymond Makes Press Statement on Internet Photos and Blackmail Against Him

Dr. Ubaldus Raymond

At a press conference held at his attorney, Alberton Richeliu’s chambers at #46 St. Louis Street in Castries, Dr. Ubaldus Raymond made a much anticipated statement to news personnel who had been summoned there for that purpose.

Scheduled to begin at 12 PM, his statement finally got underway at 12:15 PM. In its entirety they statement lasted 2 minutes and 04 seconds. No questions were taken from the press corp gathered there.

His statement comes in light of photos circulating on social medial purportedly of him. Since the widespread release of these photos yesterday, it has been learnt that a woman has been arrested in the matter and been charged with blackmail.

Dr. Ubaldus Raymond serves as a minister in the Ministry of Finance.

Below is the transcribed statement made to the press corp earlier this afternoon, as well as the full audio recording.

“Over the last few weeks I have been exposed, yet again to one of the ugly truths about life in the public eye. People will constantly try to besmirch your character and use underhanded tactics to undermine your credibility.Since I entered politics I have maintained my integrity and my credibility are of utmost importance. My record speaks of itself. Over the last few weeks there have been attempts to threaten me, there have been attempts to extort monies from me, through devious means. I have provided all the details and evidence in this matter to the police who are carrying out their investigations. I want to thank the detectives of the Royal St. Lucia Police Force for apprehending a suspect in this matter which is now in the hands of the court system.

The situation I now find myself in is not a unique one in the world we live in today. I know that other persons have gone through similar circumstances and they have probably not been able to fight back, they have been too scared, they have felt ashamed or they did not want to open up themselves to the kind of attention that shames victims of such crimes. I want to state clearly that no amount of threats will cause me to turn away from my values as a human being, and as a family man. I will not give in to political operatives who will use the most disgusting tactics in order to malign my name or to scare me into submission. I will trust the court system and in the almighty God. Until such time, as this matter is resolved through our justice system I will make no further statements on the case.”



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