Government Minister to Address Allegations “Shortly”

Dr. Ubaldus Raymond

Saint Lucia has been rocked by photos making the rounds on social media purportedly of government minister Dr. Ubaldus Raymond.

According to informed sources, an arrest has been made and the matter is before the courts.

Moments ago information was obtained from a most reliable source that a statement will be made on this matter by Dr. Ubaldus Raymond “shortly.”

Dr. Ubaldus Raymond was a candidate for the SLP (Saint Lucia Labour Party) during the 2011 elections campaign in Castries North running against Stephenson King of the UWP, to whom he lost.

He was made a senator in the Kenny Anthony administration and then Parliamentary Secretary in the Ministry of Commerce, Business Development, Investment and Consumer Affairs. He later resigned his position amid much controversy, and took up a position of Chief Economist in the Government of the Turks and Caicos Islands.

Subsequently, Dr. Raymond returned to Saint Lucia and participated in the 2016 elections campaign, this time supporting the UWP (United Workers Party). Soon after its victory at the polls he was appointed as a senator and made a minister in the Ministry of Finance.

Dr. Raymond is the holder of a Ph.D. degree in Development Economics from Howard University in Washington D.C.



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