Government Issues ‘Pearl of the Caribbean’ Fact Sheet to Dispel Misinformation

DSH Pearl of the Caribbean

A joint Invest Saint Lucia and Office of the Prime Minister team held a news conference today to dispel misinformation about the DSH ‘Pearl of the Caribbean’ project. Senior Communications Officer in the Office of the Prime Minister, Nicole Mc Donald, said the fact sheet presented was meant to address concerns of the public.

She stressed, particularly, the misinformation and untruths circulating in the public domain, particularly on social media, and expressed the need for unbiased and accurate dissemination of information regarding the project.

The DSH project has been subject to much opposition since documents relating to the conditions therein were leaked late last year. At the heart of the contention is the acquisition use of 840 acres of land in the Vieux Fort area in the south of the island, the number of investors in the project who will be granted citizenship under the Citizenship by Investment Program, and the terms and conditions of the lease of the lands.

Present at the press conference were:

Seryozha Cenac (Legal Counsel /Corporate Secretary Invest Saint Lucia); Alana Lansiquot-Brice (Investment Promotion and Fulfillment Manager); Pinkley Francis (Chairman of Invest Saint Lucia); Nicole Mc Donald (Senior Communications Officer OPM); and Dainea Augier-Stevens (Corporate Communications Officer Invest Saint Lucia).

Pearl of the Caribbean Fact Sheet



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