Sen. Lisa Jawahir outside House of Parliament in Castries

As if the outlandish and ridiculous statements of Philip J. Pierre have not been enough, Lisa Jawahir (new SLP Senator) chose to enter the contest of laughable commentary by chastising Cabinet ministers for their Christmas gift exchange.

An annual tradition among government ministers, Lisa Jawahir chose to describe the act as “rubbing salt in the wound for those who are experiencing economic hardship in the midst of the COVID-19 crisis.” Interviewed outside the House of Parliament, where the Senate was in session yesterday, she went further to state, “People are at home and they are hungry, they have no idea how they are going to pay their bills, and they see politicians, government officials on Facebook showing their exchange of gifts…”

Well it didn’t take Lisa long to jump on the SLP bandwagon loaded with ludicrous statements. To suggest that something was wrong with an exchange of gifts simply because we are in a COVID pandemic and people have lost their jobs is out of touch with and modicum of reality or sensibility.  Did Lisa Jawahir have lunch yesterday in the midst of this crisis when some people did not know where their next meal as coming from? Will she not accept any gifts over this holiday season because of the global pandemic?

What Lisa has to realize is that pandemic or no pandemic there are, and will continue to be, people who are less fortunate. Nevertheless, there is no requirement that elected representatives or government ministers portray themselves as poorer than dirt simply because there are unemployed and hungry among us. Should she walk around barefoot in sympathy for those who have no shoes? Or maybe not wear any of that makeup she seems to be quite friendly with, just because some cannot afford? During her interview and appearance in the Senate her face certainly did not look only towel dried!

But the irony of it all, after her absurd statement to news reporters, was that she then proceeded to the chamber upstairs, and opposed the government’s  resolution to gran all parliamentarians duty free concessions on toys and other items to be delivered to the needy during the holiday season! Can you believe that majee?

Lisa must run like the wind, away from this SLP madness, and do it now!

The SLP virus of stupidity and regurgitated propaganda has infected another mind. But just as Pfizer and Moderna have released vaccines to combat COVID-19, the elections results of 2021 will be the vaccine to rid the people of St. Lucia from the malaise of the SLP.



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