First Female Sergeant-at-Arms in the History of St. Lucia Parliament


Sgt. 370 Brigette Algodal broke the glass ceiling today, in Saint Lucia’s House of Parliament, when she became the first female Sergeant at Arms in the history of our Parliament.

She has been a member of the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force for twenty three years and hails from the community of La Pointe in Mon Repos and is currently stationed at the Police Complaints Unit.

The Sergeant at Arms’ ceremonial duties involves carrying the House of Parliament mace during the Speaker’s procession. This is when the Speaker and his staff walk to the House of Parliament Chamber before each sitting. The Sergeant sits in the Parliament Chamber and is responsible for order and access for the duration of the sitting. The Speaker can call upon them to escort people out.

The Sergeant-at-Arms is also the guardian of the Mace, the ceremonial staff used in Parliament to symbolize the authority of the Speaker in the House.


  1. Well done, Algodel! These are the stories that should be more common.
    Paving the way for the next generation. The glass ceiling should not exist, but sadly, it does. As the rest of the world broadens their mind, so too does Saint Lucia slowly come out of the dark.
    This warms my heart and gives me hope.



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