Did Richard Frederick Blow Nude Photos Scandal Wide Open?

'Can I help You' host Richard Frederick

Kicking off his second show for 2017 with the theme song from Shaft by Isaac Hayes, the star boy struts around like the suave actor who made fame in the 1970s, playing the role of a cool yet tough-as-nails detective from that blaxploitation era. Yes his name was also Richard – Richard Roundtree.

Morton Downey Jr.

In what can only be described as an eye popping second episode of the popular Richard Frederick show, “Can I Help You”, the feathers began flying in two snaps and a twirl as the shock jock let loose in his usual fashion – Morton Downey Jr. ain’t got nothing on you, Richard. In his usual no-holds-barred and take-no-prisoners¬† style, Richard launched a scathing and unbridled tongue lashing of his first target for the night, Vincent McDoom.

What ensued was nothing less than a verbal wrestling match with eye gouging, blows below the belt, biting, scratching, and lots of wailing and gnashing of teeth. Fans of Richard, and enemies of Vincent, must have been squealing with glee at the one-sided carnage as the orifices and other body parts of the Parisian model/actor/fashion icon came under attack. What played out on RV and computer screens can only be described as nothing short of the despicable behaviour of a jamet bor la place spewing maypwee and venom. I mean, seriously Richard, as an attorney man?

Sitting here in shock I pondered what could possess a former parliamentarian, a representative of the people of Central Castries, to attack a son of the soil in such vitriolic manner. It must be noted that later on during the show Richard chided Dr. Ubaldus Raymond for putting himself on the record when he dared the young lady at the center of the nude photos scandal to “do what you want, I have photos too.” You unwittingly contradict yourself, again, at time slot 42:50 minutes when you advise Vincent, “You must learn to disagree with people, but disagree with them respectfully…”

Wouldn’t it be safe to say that you too, Richard, should also be extremely wary of what you put on the record? Strangely enough you contravened that very advice to Dr. Ubaldus by placing your own self on the record with a blistering tirade of hate speech. Yes, Richard, it was unequivocally hate speech by any definition.

As I mused on what had shockingly played itself out on my computer screen a question slowly began tugging away at my mind – in which constituency was Vincent Mc Doom registered to vote? Well, thank goodness for this Internet age in which we now live that question was soon answered on the Saint Lucia Electoral Department’s voter lookup page. Lo and behold Vincent Mc Doom turns up as a registered voter in the Castries Central constituency, the one you represented until the June 6, 2016 elections, Richard!

With all what you said, would you have welcomed a vote cast for you by Vincent in any of your previous bids for office? Do you feel the same way about all gays in that same constituency? Because if they’re as gay, as you say Vincent is, then they must practice the same sexual proclivities as he does, then what? Are you condemning all gays for being gay, like Vincent? Would you welcome their vote if you made another bid for elective office?

While you said that it is blood, and not water or oil, that runs through your veins, your utterances were not a spur of the moment event. You clearly premeditated your response to Vincent’s comments online. You had enough time to cool down, have a level head, and adhere to the very advice you give to your clients as their attorney. Instead, as a former police officer, parliamentarian, and current attorney at law, you failed to be circumspect, judicious, and exemplary. Who were you really helping with that onslaught? After all your show is called “Can I help You?”

Gay Pride flag.

And where is the LGBTQ community in Saint Lucia on this blatant and full frontal assault on someone who you claim to be gay?

Nevertheless, I will let those who missed the show have the opportunity to come to their own conclusions. The action starts at time slot 31:21 minutes and ends at 45:26 minutes.


Anyway, on to the main event.

Following the heat of the first half of the show Richard Frederick moved on to the hot potato scandal that has been gripping Saint Lucia for a week at that time, and causing tongues to wag like nobody’s business. The roro mongers were salivating in glee, on radio, TV, social media, anywhere some hot gossip could “go down good” it went down.

There was wild speculation, persons who are evidently not popes, or anything near that, were pontificating, holier-than-thou virtuous virg-ins and virg-outs were casting their stones. Everyone and their dog had an opinion on who was guilty or not, who was moral or not, and who should resign. Not to be left out were the political hackalacks of all shades, heights, social standing, and intelligence. What a ting!

Of course the much discussed part of it all was a note floating around which alleges the involvement of Richard Frederick in a grand plot to undermine Dr. Ubaldus Raymond. This, all supposedly, in cahoots with two other individuals and unwitting innocent girls as part of a concocted grand scheme for the ultimate setup. Social media, particularly Facebook, was rife with all forms and versions of this James Bond-esque super spy intrigue.

I want to say categorically, I never ever, never, asked anyone, to ask, to demand money from Ubaldus.

“I want to say categorically, I never ever, never, asked anyone, to ask, to demand money from Ubaldus. I would not do that. I am a man, I have been there, I have done that. And I may have found myself in a similar situation. I would not do it, I just wouldn’t.

I never ever bought any photos from anybody. I’m hearing, man wrote, that I bought the photos. That is a house slave alone that could talk that kinda crap, rubbish. I never, ever bought photos.

I never ever went to any police station, never! To see the girl or to represent her, I never went to police station. I never ever asked any police to release the girl. Never! The police can vouch for that. If I see the investigator now I may not even know him. I know his name, I don’t even know him facially. But I went there and I asked him to release the girl?

I did not bail the girl. It has nothing to do with me. I did not bail her! I’m hearing I bailed the girl. You know. And most times the people that talk that crap are people with dead bodies in their closet. I did not bail her! Neither am I representing her or I represented her at any time. I did not, I am not representing her. And my money, I didn’t bail her nor was my money used to bail her, or my property…”

So said Richard Frederick in defense of himself amid the countless rumours which have been making the rounds.

He then went on to present a number of screenshots from his cell phone which were allegedly sent to him via Whatsapp by a third party, who is purportedly a friend of Curshaby Alexander (the 18 year old young lady arrested and charged with  blackmail).

As a result of all that was presented to the audience by Richard Frederick, a number of questions immediately arise, and should be asked by anyone with a discerning mind. They are questions which should be asked by the police of Richard. This does not suggest any guilt or innocence but rather are logical queries from anyone wanting to get to the bottom of this scandal.

  • Who is the third party who sent the screenshots?
  • Wouldn’t that third party be of interest in this case since they had access to potential evidence in this case from the arrested young lady?
  • Isn’t it likely that this third party committed a crime under the laws of Saint Lucia by transmitting pornographic material to Richard Frederick?
  • Isn’t it possible that the third party, as well as Richard Frederick, may have more evidence in this case on their phones?
  • Isn’t it possible that the third may also have further evidence in this case and possibly relating to other possible crimes being committed?
  • Shouldn’t the police get a warrant for Richard Frederick’s phone and records to verify the veracity of what he presented on his show as well as identifying the third party who contacted him?
  • Wouldn’t this be crucial in corroborating other evidence and information the police already have?
  • Shouldn’t a warrant also be sought for, by the police, for any computers of these individuals, as they may very well have transmitted evidence in this case via other electronic means which could also reside on these computers which also can have access to Whatsapp and Facebook?
  • Wouldn’t it be important to gain access to email accounts as demands and other communications could have been made or initiated from there as well?
  • Wouldn’t all of this very possibly expose any other people who may be involved in this scandal?


Shouldn’t Richard Frederick, having been a police officer, a member of Parliament, and currently an attorney at law and friend of the court (amicus curiae) have brought this information to the police as a responsible citizen? When he was contacted, wasn’t it very close in time to the commission of the purported crime? He said that his attempts to contact Dr. Ubaldus Raymond via Whatsapp and telephone went unanswered even when one message via Whatsapp said, “Did u say u DIDN’T want to talk to me? I am trying to help YOU!”

This clearly shows that Richard Frederick recognized that a serious matter was at hand and wanted to contact Dr. Ubaldus Raymond. Nevertheless, in failing to make such contact wouldn’t the logical action to take then be to contact the police?

In my opinion The police should move quickly along these premises to explore every angle of this case and bring it to a conclusive resolution.

NOTE: On Friday January 20, 2017 about 8:33 AM Saint Lucia time I called Richard Frederick on his cell phone and brought up these matters with him. He disagreed with my perspective after which I informed him that I would be writing on the matter. He asked me to tag him when posted and that he would respond on his show.

Richard Frederick and I have been friends since we both attended Saint Mary’s College and were members of the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force. We have a cordial relationship.

All persons are presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

Video should commence at segment pertaining to nude photos scandal at 45:28 minutes. (If not you may scroll to that time slot). Entire show is also available is scrolled all the way to the beginning.


  1. The man is a pathological lier. People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones or haven’t he heard that. Ask him about the school girl at the time he was having to perform sexual favours for representing her delinquent brother in court. This man should be in a jail cell rotting away

  2. That idiot show should really be call ” can I help myself” instead of the name it bears cause this is all this fucking idiot seems to be doing. He is a typical asshole


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