Deglos Woman Succumbs to Poisonous Substance


Reports are that the Deglos woman who was reported to have ingested a poisonous substance has died. According to reports, Cecilia Daniel Marshall was distraught over a number of issues in her life.

She was rushed to Victoria Hospital early yesterday after consuming what is believed to be Gramoxone (also known a Paraquat).

The loss of her husband last year, financial pressures, and a diagnosis of cancer are believed to have contributed to the taking of her life. She succumbed about 11 pm last night.

A large majority (93 percent) of fatalities from Paraquat poisoning are suicides, which occur mostly in developing countries where it is largely used and available as a weedkiller. Saint Lucia has recorded numerous cases of suicide over the years as victims, who are usually in the rural areas, have ready access to this inexpensive and highly toxic substance.

In 2011, a US National Institutes of Health study showed a link between paraquat use and Parkinson’s disease in farm workers.

Pure paraquat, when ingested, is highly toxic to mammals, including humans, potentially leading to acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS). Death may occur up to 30 days after ingestion.

In the European Union, paraquat has been forbidden since 2007.

Paraquat is a highly toxic weedkiller sold as Gramoxone. Other names are: paraquat dichloride; Methyl viologen dichloride; Crisquat; Dexuron; Esgram; Gramuron; Ortho Paraquat CL; Para-col; Pillarxone; Tota-col; Toxer Total; PP148; Cyclone; Gramixel; Gramoxone; Pathclear; AH 501.



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