COVID-19 Vaccine Rolls Out In Martinique Today


After a meeting on Wednesday January 6, 2021 between the Prefect of Martinique Stanislas Cazelles and the Association of Mayors, roll out of the COVID-19 vaccine on the island was given given the green light for Thursday January 7, 2021. The first COVID-19 vaccines were administered in France on December 27.

Earlier this week Guadeloupe received 5,500 doses of the vaccine which will be administered on Friday January 8, according to the Prefect of Guadeloupe. The shipment of vaccines also includes doses for the island of Saint-Martin. Conditions for the delivery of doses are limited: the vaccine can only be transported for a maximum of 12 hours stored in conventional pharmaceutical devices between 8 and 2 degrees Celsius like most medical products. On site, the vaccines must be used within four days since they become obsolete and can no longer be used.

The first dosesĀ  will arrive in French Guyana on January 12 or 13 where just under 1,000 people will be vaccinated with this first delivery.

All this follows the arrival in Guadeloupe on December 21 of two 330 Kg freezers intended for the storage of COVID-19 vaccines. That same night a smaller military aircraft flew one of the freezers to Martinique. This deployment is part of the French vaccination strategy and aims to pre-position these specific freezers in certain overseas departments.

Meanwhile, doses of the COVID-19 vaccine are expected to arrive in Saint Lucia during March, 2021.


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