Cell Phone Grabber Caught By City Police On Jeremie Street


A young man was apprehended on Jeremie Street about 6:50 PM last night after he grabbed a cell phone from a woman who was on her way home.

According to reports, City Police who were nearby were alerted by shouts from witnesses gave chase and apprehended the perpetrator in quick time. The iPhone 7 cell phone was recovered in his possession.

He was escorted to the CCC on Peynier Street where he was formally arrested and charged for the offence. He was then taken to Custody Suites where he was detained until this morning when he was escorted to the First District Court to appear before a magistrate.

The City Police has been active within the past few months after their numbers were increased in December 2016 by Castries Mayor, His Lordship Peterson Francis, who has been determined to rid the city of crime.

The mayor has pledged to deal with a number of quality-of-life issues and offences which have been a nuisance in the City for many years.

Currently a new batch of recruits are expected to be added to the ranks of the City Police, and current officers are soon to undergo firearms training from the Royal St. Lucia Police.

The Castries Market area on Jeremie Street has been plagued with pickpockets and petty criminals affecting locals and visitors. The mayor’s no-nonsense approach has garnered the support of vendors and citizens who have been frustrated by crime in that area.

The City Police have come in for a great deal of praise as they execute their duties and their presence has bolstered the confidence of persons who frequent that busy part of the city.


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