Building Wall Collapse at Vide Bouteille

American Drywall Facade Collapse

The American Drywall building at Vide Bouteille in Castries has suffered a structural failure. About 9 AM today the upper facade on one of the highway facing walls collapsed onto vehicles which were in the customer parking area.

The supportive infrastructure could be seen in the gaping holes which were exposed. Clearly visible were rotting wood showing water and age damage.

The drywall exterior wall was also covered with decorative ceramic tiles which also crashed to the ground and onto vehicles.

No reports of injuries have been reported, and police were on the scene assessing the damage and taking statements from owners.

The American Drywall was constructed in 1999, but the section where the wall collapse occurred was built some time after. Official sources say three vehicles were damaged. A variety of businesses are located on the premises and business has not been affected.

No information was available on the last building or safety inspection at that location.

American Drywall Facade Collapse


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