Bright Smiles for Childhood Cancer Survivors

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In an effort to bring smiles to childhood cancer survivors, Faces of Cancer St. Lucia have organized a Tea Party and Easter Egg Hunt, for those affected by cancer, but dedicated to children. This event is free for all St. Lucian kids who are, or have been suffering with cancer.  According to the President of Faces of Cancer St. Lucia, Mrs. Dorothy Skeete–Phillip, “There is no age limits and we plan to enhance the event using friendly and peaceful atmosphere of the Serenity Park in Sans Souci on Easter Monday, April 17th 2017.”

She added: “Easter is a time of rebirth and renewal and its not a time to feel sorry for children survivors of cancer, nor to keep them shut in.  It is our hope that our community will help support this important event as our kids need to know that the public supports them, want to make them happy and help them enjoy each and every day of their precious lives while they go through their battles.”

In St. Lucia we have many kids who have lost parents and loved ones to cancer, many of whom internalize their loss and pain. This event  hopefully will bring them together and help them to realize they are not alone.  Face of Cancer recognizes that although they have lost those precious to them, they can help bring smiles to those little ones going through their journey.

There will be a number of games which the kids can play together and enjoy wonderful prizes, while the adults enjoy and converse with survivors.

This event is held yearly and is in keeping with the Faces of Cancer mission of lessening the cancer burden on our community.  Mrs. Skeete-Phillip stated: “The Burden is not only financial, but psychological and emotional as well. When one is diagnosed with cancer the entire family and the extended families are also affected, and such activities go a long way in relieving some of the stress associated with coping.”

Faces of Cancer is hosting this event for the 4th successive year and believes its mission is being accomplished.  Recently, the mother of a brain cancer survivor, shared how her daughter looked forward to being at the event every year and the last time her daughter went out, before her passing, was the Easter Egg Hunt.  The mother said her daughter would lay on her bed, recounting the fun she had at the event.  For Faces of Cancer, such heart-warming stories give us the drive to continue this event.

Faces of Cancer St. Lucia is the leading Cancer support Group in St. Lucia, helping survivors cope and raising awareness for all types of cancer across St. Lucia. For more information as to how you can attend or donate as an individual, group or company contact Faces of Cancer St. Lucia  at 758-456-5101


Dorothy Phillip- President, Faces of Cancer St. Lucia

Tel: 758-456-5101 / 758-384-2637 /758-726-1859


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