Barbados – Zara Holland Fined $12,000 For COVID-19 Breach

Zara Holland Fined in Barbados

A court in Barbados has fined former Love Island star, Zara Holland, BDS $12,000 (XCD $16,000) for a breach of that island’s COVID-10 protocols.

Se was apprehended on December 29, after being informed to isolate at her hotel, following a coronavirus test two days earlier, according to the Royal Barbados Police Force.

According to Barbados laws a contravention can carry a jail term of up to one year, and a maximum fine of about BDS $50,000 (XCD $67,000).

She had arrived in the Barbados on December 27 with her boyfriend Elliott Love, who according to local media had tested positive for coronavirus and was in quarantine.

They had been staying a Sugar Bay Hotel – an all-inclusive four-star beach resort in Christ Church, on the south-western coast of Barbados.

Holland, 25, pleaded guilty to the charge, and has been released on bail of $20,000 (approx XCD$27,000), with seven days to pay the fine.

This comes in the wake of a dramatic spike in COVID-19 cases triggered by a Boxing Day bus crawl, dubbed a “super spreader” event. Barbados officials have vowed to impose tough measures on those breaking the established protocols.

In two days, at Barbados’ lone prison – HMP Dodds, there have been 161 confirmed positive cases of COVID-19. On January 1, there were 45 confirmed cases and on January 2, the Chairman of the Cabinet COVID Sub-Committee, Senator Dr. Jerome Walcott said the number climbed to 161 cases associated with HMP Dodds – “48 I believe are prison wardens and staff and 113 I believe, 48 and 113 is 161 I believe, are inmates of the prison.”


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