At Least Six Reported Dead in Dominica


WICE Q95, an online Dominican radio station, has reported at least six persons are dead in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria.

The Category 5 hurricane hit the island nation of seventy three thousand people late yesterday, blew off roofs and dumped 10 to 15 inches of rainfall with up to 20 inches in certain areas.

According to Q95 which was in contact with ham station J73WA manned by Wayne Abraham, 80-90 percent of buildings have been destroyed. No vehicular traffic around the island as almost all roads have been obstructed by debris and fallen trees and landslides.

Heavy damage to houses particularly  in the higher elevations.

All communications with Dominica have been knocked offline including cell phones, Internet, and broadcast radio.

For all intents and purposes Dominica has been devastated.

The only contact with the outside world at this time is via ham radio operators.

Contact with Radio Q95 which is the only Dominican radio station in contact with citizens in the diaspora and back in their homeland is available here: WICE Q95 


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