Another St. Lucian Indicted In Brooklyn for Murder of Menachem Stark

Erskin Felix

Erskin Felix, 38, was just minutes ago arraigned in Brooklyn Supreme Court on charges of second-degree murder and kidnapping. His brother Kendall Felix, 28, along with their cousin Irvine Henry, 35, are variously charged with conspiracy, tampering with physical evidence and first-degree hindering. They all face up to 25 years to life in prison.

Erskin Felix and Kendall Felix were arrested in October. In September, a Brooklyn jury found their cousin, Kendel Felix, guilty of kidnapping and killing Stark.  He is still awaiting sentencing, but faces 25 years to life in prison. The initial details of the plot was exposed in coverage by the New York Daily News in May 2014.

Stark, 39, was abducted outside his Williamsburg office during a snowstorm in 2014. His burnt body was found in a dumpster near a Long Island gas station two days later.

Prosecutors say that on the night of Stark’s death, Erskin and Kendel Felix accosted him outside his office. They say he tried to escape, but the two men forced him into a waiting vehicle. Kendall and Henry joined their relatives later, according to prosecutors. At some point Stark asphyxiated.

Prosecutors say the men planned to extort Stark, but discovered that he had died in the minivan. They eventually drove to Long Island, threw his body in a dumpster and set it on fire. According to investigators, Erskin Felix, who was in the construction trade with Kendel Felix and Irvine Henry, had worked for the Brooklyn landlord.

Stark was the father of seven and a member of the ultra-Orthodox Satmar community. He was an active developer in Williamsburg-Greenpoint area, and was millions of dollars in debt at the time of his death.


  1. All that glitter aint gold. Black people love to say white people rich. Bye please! They ass usually in so much debt but they are systematically covered.

    Not because you see someone running business to assume that they are rich. When you ASSUME……

  2. People have got to learn to control their emotions. Think well before acting. Rash actions can cause dire consequence. One man is dead and three are up for a lifetime in prison. Where is the benefit in all of that madness and unnecessary sorrow?

  3. Lucians againagain doing crap with themselves. I hope those idiots hold US and not St Lucia passports to further mess up our country’s reputation. I hope they get not life in prison but better yet executed. Good riddance.


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