Another Arrest in Nude Photos Scandal

Dr. Ubaldus Raymond

Another young woman has been arrested in the now infamous nude photos scandal involving Senator Dr. Ubaldus Raymond. In fact the issue which has landed before the courts when eighteen year old Curshaby Alexander of Beausejour, Gros Islet was charged for blackmail. She was granted bail in the sum of $10,000.

At a press conference held on January 13, 2017, in the offices of his attorney, Senator Raymond said, “My record speaks of itself. Over the last few weeks there have been attempts to threaten me, there have been attempts to extort monies from me, through devious means. I have provided all the details and evidence in this matter to the police who are carrying out their investigations.”

According to statements made, attempts had been made to contact Senator Raymond via telephone and Whatsapp with various demands and threats. These communications had been shown as screenshots on a TV talk show in January.

This latest arrest suggests a more than one person’s involvement in this matter. The grounds for this latest arrest remain unclear at this time.


  1. This should be a very strong warning to people who attempt to destroy another person with lies. Actually many may have succeeded in destroying others. The mastermind who conceived the plan and used others to execute must be tried and jailed. All of us must pay close attention to this case, ridicule those who maliciously fabricate the story to destroy another person and seek to respect other people.

  2. Lies my foot he will get what coming to him, nasty individual!!! Sicko!!! Stop sleeping with the people children!!! Like Sizzla say “Fire Burn”


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