‘All Clear’ Issued By Government of Saint Lucia


After issuing a shutdown order in anticipation of Tropical Storm Maria, conditions quickly intensified and it was quickly upgraded to a hurricane.

Although the eye of Hurricane Maria stayed well offshore from Saint Lucia its outer bands were still strong enough to cause the island to be affected by tropical storm force winds.

On Monday, September 18, the island was battered by strong winds and rain. Reports have been received of flooding in many areas of the island as well as a land slide in Au Tabor in the village of Anse-la-Raye.

At this time no serious injuries or death have been reported.

At 9 am the “All Clear” was given, signalling it was safe to venture out. All schools are to remain closed throughout today, with businesses opening at 10 am.

Overnight, Hurricane Maria is reported to have devastated Dominica where the eye passed directly over the island dumping massive amounts of rain and destroying many homes with its Category 5 160+ mile per hour winds.

Hurricane Maria is now in the waters of the Caribbean Sea and on a collision course with Puerto Rico where a State of Emergency has already been declared. A hurricane of this magnitude is reported to have last hit Puerto Rico eighty five years ago in 1932.



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