Abused Saint Lucian Woman Speaks

Caffie urges battered women to seek help and leave

Caffie Ismael was battered and bruised more often than not. The man she loved and with whom she hoped to spend the rest of her life was her abuser. Unfounded jealousy and suspicion were the foundation for instant beatings, gorjettes, slaps, kicks, and any other physical contact with her body.

One day when she had decided to stand up to him, and threatened to call the police, he chased her with a cutlass. Living in close proximity to his mother’s house Caffie ran there for refuge – hiding under the bed.

Although some of his family members chastised him on occasion, for his actions, little changed. That was when Caffie decided she had taken enough beatings and had to leave. The welts and bruises all over her body, the choking and passing out had finally become too much.

In 2001 Caffie was on a one way ticket out of Saint Lucia – after five years of beatings.

Now living in the U.S. she is part of an organization which counsels and assists battered and abused women.

For International Women’s Day, Caffie encourages women in abusive relationships to find a way out, since staying guarantees that the abuse will continue, or maybe even worse.

As part of her continuing therapy she has taken up writing short stories and poems about her abuse, as a way of showing the methods employed by abusers and to issue a beacon of hope for women in the same circumstances. She shares one of her writings…

You said you love me when I was at the tender age of 17
I thought you were the one for me
You were my world and in my eyes you could do no wrong
You said you loved me
If only this girl would talk
Your fists got to know me very well
They left imprints on my face
You dragged me all over the room, by my hair
You said you loved me
If only this girl would talk
Your hands almost squeezed the life out of me
Struggling to breathe and get loose
Punches to my stomach
You said you loved me
If only this girl would talk
You finally let go, and left me laying there…like a dog
Like nothing happened
Me gasping for air, in tears, in pain, in shame
Screaming I love you… I love you
How could you do this to someone you love
Someone, carrying your unborn son
Yet you say you love me
If only, I would talk
As part of sensitizing women to the abuse she has endured Caffie and other former victims use the services of a makeup artist to paint their bodies resembling the blows they received at the hands of their abuser. She says the excuses made by the abusers and the abused victims are always the same. The bruises and injuries pictured are replicas of the same which she endured.
Caffie urges anyone who is being abused to seek help and get out.


  1. WOW! This is rough. Women, you are precious and if you can’t recognize it definitely don’t allow ANYONE to degrade you. Whether it is physical, verbal, sexual or mental. Walk away! If you can’t walk away, talk to someone you can trust or a higher authority … Police/ Pastor/Priest, etc. It’s a painful life to live.



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