Outrage As Apparently Drugged Young Woman Is Seen In Sex Video


Outrage has been growing overnight in the wake of a sex video which has gone viral on social media. Reports are that it has been shared multiple times on Facebook and particularly Whatsapp. In the nine minute video voices of the persons heard are clearly Saint Lucian.

In that video, four or five young men and a woman can be seen engaging in sex with a young woman who appears to be in her early twenties. The woman’s hands and legs are tied as she is subdued by those surrounding the bed.

As the video unfolds she continues to appeal, “Give me the heat.” It is only later realized that she is calling for what was apparently promised to her, crack/cocaine. Eventually what appears to be a crack pipe is lit and put into her mouth on which she then puffs and inhales.

All this occurs while others engage in sex acts with her. What is even more shocking is that a female voice can be heard off camera directing the actions of the men.

The depraved group of men and a woman can be heard laughing and screaming in what can only be described as a depraved frenzy.

Later in the video in an even more depraved twist a piece of wood, a bottle, and a rattle are inserted into the private parts of the woman who is still laying tied on the bed. At one point someone on the video calls for a dog to be used in the act.

A number of names can be heard mentioned in the video.

ONELUCIAN has passed the video to the police.