Dr. Kenny Anthony Demands Allen Chastanet Apologize To The People Of Vieux Fort

Dr. Kenny Anthony

In a strongly worded statement, former Prime Minister and  parliamentary representative for Vieux Fort South, Dr. Kenny Anthony has demanded that Saint Lucia Prime Minister, Allen Chastanet apologize to the people of Vieux Fort.

Citing statements made by the Prime Minister last week at a UWP rally in Vieux Fort, Dr. Anthony has taken offence stating that ‘On several occasions during his speech, Allen Chastanet told the people of Vieux Fort that they live in a “ghetto.”

He goes on further to state, “Vieux Fort has always been a historical problem for the United Workers Party. The thinking of the UWP towards the people of Vieux Fort has not changed. All they do is to sell or give away the lands around Vieux Fort, never caring about the quality of life of the people of Vieux Fort. That is why they allowed Vieux Fort town to be mired in poverty from 1964 to 1997.”

Surprisingly, Dr. Anthony did not include or state what he did, during the terms from 1997 to 2016 when he was the Prime Minister and district representative for Vieux Fort South.

Full release below.

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