Outrage in Aftermath of Fatal Accident


Family and friends are tonight enraged in the aftermath of a motor vehicle accident at Escap, Micoud which claimed the life of well known motorcycle rider and jockey, Winston Trim.

What has fueled the anger is the appearance online of the driver’s license of the deceased rider apparently from the scene of the accident. It is not clear whether the ID is being held by a member of the emergency services or by a bystander.

If it was a member of the emergency services who distributed the photo of the license, did he not realize the implications involved in disclosing all of the victim’s confidential information? And if it was posted by a member of the public, why was he allowed to have access to the victim’s personal property at the scene of an deadly accident?

Would it also be reasonable to conclude that persons could have tampered with critical evidence in this incident? Surely this act is not part of the established procedures prescribed for emergency personnel upon arrival at the scene of a tragedy.