Guests Gone Berserk at Newly Opened Royalton Hotel

Royalton Hotel

UPDATE: Previously it was stated that the persons in the video are British. Information now reaching us is that they are Canadian.
In a Youtube video uploaded by Angel Mami, which is beginning to go viral, visitors to the newly opened Royalton hotel can be seen going berserk as they shout that two of their relatives are stuck in an elevator.

They can be seen pulling and prying at the elevator doors in an attempt to free the people inside. Amid much screaming and panic they can be heard swearing at hotel personnel who came on the scene.

An employee can be seen approaching the riotous group and trying to reassure them, “Don’t worry, don’t worry.

That apparently set the woman narrating the whole episode berserk causing her to retort. “No, no, we’re not worrying. It’s not your fucking kids. We’ve been having problems with you fucking people. Fuck off!”

One employee in a polo shirt and holding a walkie talkie is shown on camera. It can be supposed that he came on the scene amid all the ruckus and pandemonium, and most likely had called for assistance.

Later in the 2 minute and 31 second video another hotel employee can be heard telling them that maintenance had already been called and that their actions could possibly make things worse.

These people continued swearing and insulting the hotel workers on the scene who remained calm, enduring the insults.

The voice of someone apparently inside the elevator can be heard swearing and shouting. Eventually the screaming guests were finally able to pry the elevator doors open with their bare hands. One male, who can be seen exiting the elevator, lunges at the hotel worker swearing and screaming. Video ends.

The guests in the video sound Canadian. The question to be asked is whether they would have behaved in a similar manner if this had been at a building in Toronto or anywhere else in the Canada. Elevators get stuck all over the world and is nothing new – couldn’t they have simply remained calm, as they are asked to do in Canada, and wait until help arrived?

Because of their grossly exaggerated antics they could have inadvertently made an already precarious situation even worse by  prying open the elevator doors, and possibly causing harm to the occupants or even to themselves? Why the verbal assault on the hotel workers who had already informed them that maintenance was on the way?

The situation would have been stressful for anyone, anywhere in the world, but was this wild behaviour really necessary? Is it because it was a small island they thought such an attitude was necessary?

Kudos to the staff for remaining calm under such insults and threats. .com/watch?v=A8RuWhuRriU


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